Why the design stage isn’t the final stop in a website’s development journey

By Roman Berezhnoi November 17, 2020 54 views

Why the design stage isn’t the final stop in a website’s development journey

Depending on how complex your design is and how much you build from scratch, it could take months to finish building your new website. While after all that hard work you might think it’s time to sit back and reap the rewards, but your job of creating a successful website is in fact far from done. Here are some ways to make sure your great website design receives the traffic it deserves. 

Marketing your page

Once you’ve designed a highly functional and attractive website, it’s time to let people know about it. When designing a website, it’s easy to check and see whether your alterations have worked or not. You need to merely view the page in a browser, test the function and you’ll see whether that code you’ve edited has worked in the way you had intended. When marketing your website, it can be much harder to judge what efforts will help increase traffic to your website and which will merely be a waste of time. 

Sometimes the most expensive ad campaigns on social media can result in a very disappointing increase in visitors to your page. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a team who are experienced in creating marketing campaigns that are proven to increase visitors. Make sure you choose a digital search marketing agency that is not only experienced, but passionate and results driven to help you flourish in a competitive market. Then you can work with them to decide the best way to target those visitors who are most likely to view, interact and even spend money on your site. 

Add new content your page

Once you’ve got people noticing your page, it’s important to give them a reason to keep visiting and revisiting your website. A website is just like a newspaper. People will happily read all the information relevant to them once, but it’s unlikely they’ll go back and reread it over and over again if the text remains the same. Just like a newspaper, your website will be discarded if it’s not seen as up to date. Make sure you continuously add new content to your website. As well as writing new blogs, make sure you add new, eye catching images to your page regularly. The human eye is far more likely to spot a new image rather than whether the text has changed, so updates will be noticed instantly if they include a big, colourful image with them. 

Correcting your page 

As well as updating your page with new content, it’s also important to make sure the existing content is still up to date. The world is constantly changing, and if your content doesn’t reflect a major change then people will lose trust in the accuracy of your website. 

If you change some of your information, like you move buildings or change a phone number, it’s also incredibly important to make sure these are updated on your website. If any potential users or customers can’t get hold of you, you could lose out on vital interactions, information or trade. 

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