Why Coding Is A Skill Every Entrepreneur Must Have

By Roman Berezhnoi July 13, 2021 309 views

Why Coding Is A Skill Every Entrepreneur Must Have

As the famous philosopher Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” This belief applies to everyone, especially to entrepreneurs, whether of a start-up company or a large business. Acquiring new skills and knowledge will give you a competitive advantage, and the ability to leverage and maximize technology can result in a favorable outcome in this tech-paced world.

What does coding mean?

Simply put, coding means feeding commands that a computer can understand. Coding helps the computer carry out the command and perform the requested task. People use coding to program websites, apps, and other technologies that we interact with daily. There are plenty of coding languages now like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Scratch.

Here are the top reasons why every entrepreneur must learn to code.

It can get investor’s support.

According to Entrepreneur.com, investors seem to take a liking to those who know how to code. If you are in a start-up company, getting good investors on your side is a great benefit. Investors prefer entrepreneurs who are into coding because technology and the internet are inevitable in business.

It can sharpen your Critical and Problem-Solving skills.

One of the vital skills of an entrepreneur and a leader is critical thinking. An entrepreneur needs to develop a plan and come up with decisions every day, and this skill is necessary in coming up with sound strategies and solutions for the business. By learning how to code, you get to practice critical thinking as you break down a problem, consider options and opportunities, try, tweak, and try again until you reach a suitable solution.

It enhances creativity.

Learning how to code helps boost your creative juices because it can give you a new perspective on things. By knowing how to code and understanding technology, you may develop ways to innovate your current methods of working and systems. Your innovations may help your business be more efficient and effective.

It helps evaluate your human resources.

When you are clueless about technology and coding, it won’t be easy to assess an applicant who wants to join your tech team. This situation is true especially in hiring a PHP developer that will match your needs. Having a working knowledge of coding will help you know what to look for and assess if your candidate suits your requirements.

Knowing how to code can also help you evaluate your current team members. This knowledge can aid you in designing their individual development plan as you can see what areas your employees can further improve or explore more. It can even help you identify where they can be assigned best based on their skills and capabilities.

It can help you connect with your tech team.

Coding can be a social activity as it will help you build relations, especially with your tech team. Having a working knowledge of the things they do may help you better understand them, especially in managing projects and deadlines. It can also be an avenue for you to brainstorm with them to develop a better program and customer experience.

It streamlines the product or service development process.

Often, technical know-how is the gap between an idea and execution.  You may speed up the product and service development process by bridging the gap. Speaking the same language with your team can facilitate more fruitful brainstorming sessions. You can even tweak something yourself and not rely on your programmers if you want something done.

It can save you money.

Whether you are in a start-up company or a big corporation, savings are always a good thing. Knowing how to code can help you reduce costs in hiring a developer or a coder. Instead of hiring one, you and your team can build your site or program, or app on your own. You not only saved money but added another feather to your and your team’s cap as well.

Coding skills can also help you to estimate costs correctly for a project. Let’s say you will build an online shop for your company. Costing will be easier if you possess coding knowledge yourself instead of just relying on other people.

How can you learn to code?

Fortunately, there are a lot of coding courses available. Learn the basics to understand the process of coding and the various coding languages available. Expand your skills by learning more languages. The more you know, the more you can develop your business.

In conclusion

Coding is a necessary skill in today’s tech-driven world. Learning to code is like understanding the alphabet of technology. By learning how to code, it makes every entrepreneur more competent in running a business. This skill will definitely make you stand out and run ahead of the rest. Invest now in acquiring this skill and reap the rewards later on.

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