Why Does Your Ecommerce Website Need SEO?

By Roman Berezhnoi January 18, 2022 345 views

Why Does Your Ecommerce Website Need SEO?

Struggling to sell your products or services online? If yes, then you can change your story by considering SEO for eCommerce websites. Let’s reveal what e-commerce SEO offers business holders.

Contribution of SEO for eCommerce

What is SEO for an eCommerce website? SEO for eCommerce sites assists in increasing the search visibility and credibility of your online store.

Why is SEO required for the eCommerce website?

What do customers do when they want to buy a product or service? Most of them move to google or other search engines for their needs.

An increase in traffic and viewers can be expected if your online store is optimized to proper SEO practices. To boost up traffic for your product pages the best SEO strategies need to be applied.

eCommerce SEO benefits for your marketing strategy

In short words SEO means delivering a stable flow of potential customers, sales and profit. Because SEO improves your marketing strategy and adopts it for the digital environment. 

SEO can help customers to find your online store

More than 40% of consumers use search engines to find products and to make a purchase.

A significant share of traffic arrives from different search engines but Google drives the most traffic to different websites.

There are plenty of eCommerce stores available on the internet. SEO can help your eCommerce website to appear in SERPs and improve the visibility amongst your target audience. 

SEO can stand your site apart from the average sites. The rising craze of bringing business online increases the competition every day. The increased competition requires a SEO marketing strategy that can differentiate the best one from the average.

Without SEO, it is challenging to reach your target audience.

SEO stable flow of sales over the long term

Paid ads can help you in the initial stage of your ecommerce business to get customers. But it is an expensive way to go in the long run.

SEO works to provide high-quality consumer traffic flow to your website that can bring a high conversion rate. At this point SEO can deliver incredible ROI (return on investment) to your business in an acceptable amount of investment.

In other words SEO ensures to deliver you organic traffic, stable flow of potential customers, and sales to the site over the long term.

The presentation of website redesign
Quality Floors 4 Less. F5 Studio redesigned a website of traditional American family business.

Driving top-of-funnel traffic

SEO can play a critical role in driving top-of-funnel traffic. Top of the funnel marketing refers to the first stage of the buyer’s journey. It is the part of the process where marketers and business owners will spread awareness about their products and services to generate leads that will hopefully, eventually, become customers.

Capturing the long tail keywords traffic 

Many people use long-tail queries to find products or eCommerce sites. And long-tail phrases tend to convert at a higher rate than other keywords.

Product and category pages match well to long-tail keywords. Using the long-tail keywords strategy allows you to boost relevant website traffic and extinguish competitors. 

Improving the website UI and UX design

SEO helps understand visitors and thus optimize your site’s usability. SEO allows collecting data from your site visitors.

Data helps understand how shoppers think or speak about their desires. Improved user experience drives more conversions.

Reduce paid search costs

The content you optimize for SEO should also benefit Google Ads campaigns. Google’s Quality Score measures the relevance of ads to landing pages, to determine the cost per click. Optimized landing pages mean better Quality Scores, lower click costs, and higher performance in organic search.

Attract viewers who don’t pay attention to sponsored ads

Sometimes paid advertising you bought just sits on the top of the search engine results page, unnoticed.

Some people are inclined to click on the organic solution rather than the paid one, when they are looking for something!

If your target audience includes those people you should take an SEO approach for your eCommerce business.

SellMeLaptop. F5 Studio redesigned SellMeLaprop website to improve UI, UX design

SEO supports your local business

Many people are mistaken when they think that they do not need SEO because they have a local business.

Now, more than 80% of smartphone users do a search before buying products locally. As they are sure customers, why take a risk by neglecting SEO.

Not implementing local SEO can be beneficial for the competitors who can be older in the market or more popular than your business.

This is why it makes sense to invest in local SEO.

How to improve your eCommerce site SEO?

In short words, you should hire a professional SEO team. But there are important factors you should focus on. 

Technical SEO. Check tech SEO of your ecommerce site. What is technical SEO?

Improve site speed. If your eCommerce site is slow, you need to improve your site speed. But don’t waste your time on 0.5 sec. improvements. How to speed up a website

Do keyword research and keyword analysis. You can find new keywords, build query space around your site, brand or specific products. Keyword research for business owners

Make your site mobile-friendly. Many people want to use smartphones to buy online. Help them to do that in the easiest way. Site optimization for mobile devices

Optimize the page content images. People are looking for products but they need content to make purchase decisions. Also, search engines focus on content, they use content to index and rank sites. How to improve your search engine optimization

Sum up

To summarise, SEO is an excellent source of revenue that is well worth working on. But that one thing you must remember, eCommerce SEO starts from professional web UI/UX design services and ecommerce development services.

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