7 signs that your site is obsolete

7 signs that your site is obsolete

If you notice that the sales of your store have plummeted or the resource has begun to bring fewer bids, then this article will help understand the main reason behind it.

Surely we might all have some old-fashioned items that we find hard to get rid of because they are still important to us. for some, it might be an old cosy sweater and other a nice traditional Aran sweater.

However, if your site was built for a specific group of consumers, then you should update its components according to their likes or tastes and not yours. In the end, your aim is to drive more traffic and have a larger audience. So, put your target audience first and design everything according to them.

Think of a situation where your favourite store is no more performing as it used to. No more income due to the lack of attention. A situation where the apparels are randomly displayed on the shop window or stuffy in one room. Imagine a store without no lighting in the fitting room and where the ATM is unfunctional.

How many people do you think would want to buy products in such a store? Obviously, you will lose a great number of potential customers.

In the business world, there is no place for sentimentalism. People only spend their money where they feel is worth to do so. That’s why in this article we have listed 7 essential points that will help you determine whether your site is outdated so that you can take the necessary actions.

Lack of responsive design

Analytical agency “We Are Social” and SMM platform “Hootsuite” prepared “Global Digital 2019” – a report on how and how much time we spend on the Internet.

Studies show that the majority of users prefer to browse the internet from their phones.

mobile optimized website

Just think of this: today there are 5.11 billion unique users browsing the Internet from smartphones in the world. And this is only  2% (or 100 million) more than in 2018. And this is a fact that you and many business owners can take advantage of.

Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives, so by making sure that your website is reponsive (accessible from devices and fits all screen sizes) you are giving yourself an advantage over many of your competitors whose websites are not mobile optimized.

An outdated website drive your potential customers away

If your visitors have a bad experience getting to understand your site while using it, they will probably close it and look for another, which might be one of your competitors’.

In the era of Google’s mobile-first index algorithm, not having an adaptive design is equivalent to having no sales. If you do not want to lose your target audience and have no experience in the IT field, you can refer to us and our expert will gladly give you tips on the best practices or help you optimize your site for mobile devices.

Lack of simple and logical structure

Sooner or later, changes will happen in your company. As your business grows, there will be a need to expand your website by adding new items. While doing so, you have to make sure your site is as easy to navigate as possible.

Your audience should understand that you respect them and the time they spend on your resource: make their search easier by distributing their products and all the content into the appropriate sections.

Do not overload the site with all sorts of unnecessary chips and “decoration”: your main task is to quickly convey information to the largest possible number of your potential customers.

Download speed and use of Flash content

If 10 years ago, the Internet speed forced users to sit for a long time, waiting for the page to load, now the situation has completely changed.

Modern users are no more use to waiting long. So It is obvious that you will loose many of your potential customers if your site takes too long to load.

In order to check the download speed of the site, you can use the tool from Google – Google PageSpeed Insights.  if the result of the test is in the green zone, then everything is ok.

Orange and especially red zones indicate that your web resource needs urgent upgrades.

Flash is also obsolete as Adobe hasn’t supported it for quite some time, so if your site has videos or other moving parts, developers use HTML5 technology to do this. Leaving Flash made it possible to make the site easier and faster to load.

Re-optimization of the site for the Search Engine

Let’s figure out what to do if the site has outdated content or if it is simply re-optimized. In order for your website to rank high on the Google Search Engine Result Page, it has to be re-optimized.

First, let’s see where the re-optimization happens:

  • In meta tags. Many site owners make the mistake of trying to include all the main keys in the description meta tag. This is fundamentally the wrong approach, as search engines will understand that you are a rule breaker.

  • In the title. Here, too, the main rule – in the main page header cannot be more than one key. In order not to grieve over the fact that other keys are missing, you can use them in secondary headers.

  • In the URL. No need to turn your resource pointer into a jumble of all your keys. In order to detect violators, Google uses the EMD (exact match domain)

  • In footer. Footer is used so that users can get all the information about the owner of the website, quickly find their contacts, etc. Sometimes links are placed here to facilitate the site navigation. However, an oversupply of links is not good and also leads to re-optimization.

  • In the links. Wrong linking and the use of excessive links on a web page can have a negative impact on your ranking. An example of excessive linking is a website that has a hundred links of every page. Search Engines tend to filter Websites with excessive links and to avoid low ranking, think of entrusting your task to a Good SEO-specialist or a Web Studio if you have no extensive experience in the field.

Outdated design and lack of uniform style

The first impression is important. It is what keeps the user browsing your website or turns them away. Here the first impression is formed with the help of a stylish and original design.

Old Apple website

In the fashion of minimalism and conciseness, calm colours and content that will be truly useful for your target audience.

Therefore, if the design of your site looks old and sales for the last years have fallen below, it’s time to think about a redesign.

While taking up the redesign, do not forget that your resource has a single style: corporate colours, logo, fonts and everything that will allow the user to remember your brand and instantly distinguish it from others. Pay attantion to atricle “Web Design Trends 2019“.

The Non-compliance with regulations on personal data protection.

In May 2018, the European Union approved the new rules for processing personal data of the GDPR. This means that any websites that contain forms for sending data should additionally be equipped with special buttons and links to documents that need to be read and accepted.

In addition, to make your site secure for target audience, check which protocol your resource uses: HTTP or HTTPS.

HTTPS is a modern protocol that encrypts information in such a way that it remains inaccessible to unauthorized users.

So if you do not want users to worry about the loss of personal data and leave you for more reliable websites then it’s time to protect yourself and your business.

Limited functionality and lack of new technologies

Every year in the web world a lot of new cool and effective technologies appear that help customers find “their” brand and products.

These include chatbots and artificial intelligence, mobile search, video marketing, the presence of your brand social networks, native advertising, voice search and much more.

Well, in order to understand what exactly your website lacks, to become even more attractive in the eyes of your target audience, you should go through the websites of competitors and evaluate which new tools you find most comfortable and attractive.

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive, however, it contains the main points that will help you determine outdated websites.

Ignoring these points can have a negative effect on your credibility and the growth of your business as a whole.

The modern world does not stand still and constantly brings new technologies and tools.

Nowadays a great website should be simple, convenient, functional, as clear as possible for users and at the same time be stylish.

Therefore, in order to stay in the trend and lead in your field, you need to apply the most relevant and best practices in a timely manner.

If you have not done it yet – it’s time to refer to a web-studio, where a whole team of specialists works, who can comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of your website and help you solve any problems related to your resource.