How to create effective holiday landing pages

By Roman Berezhnoi December 28, 2021 247 views

How to create effective holiday landing pages

The holidays are over and we can see things which make holiday landing pages effective.

The landing page is crucial to boost your sales on public holidays. On the holidays all of us offer beautiful gifts to our close ones. Consumers enjoy unlimited lucrative offers and discounts on products and services during festive seasons. 

The core function of a landing page is to showcase a specific item to attract the customers’ attention and influence them to purchase the item.

What is a landing page?

The landing page is a single page on business websites with a strong focus on conversions through special offers. Landing pages work on generating leads, gathering email addresses for newsletters, collecting research data, and driving direct sales of products and services. It omits distracting navigation and unnecessary visuals and makes conversion easy.

How much does it cost to create a custom landing page?

A holiday landing page is an online shop’s standalone page that attracts visitors and ushers them towards a holiday sale. Here visitors will find a collection of great deals with urgent deadlines, as well as a call-to-action link that takes them to the product page or collection page of the store.

Normally holiday landing pages are an integral part of the sales funnel. You should use the online ads (PPC), homepage banners, and emails to attract visitors on landing pages. The great deals are not enough to get conversions. How to create effective holiday landing pages?

Best practices to create holiday landing pages for conversion

You may implement the following techniques to create the best-quality landing page.

Great design

Bad design is inexcusable on holiday landing pages. If the visitors isn’t immediately intrigued to learn more, the urgency of the holidays means that they’ll click off and rush to another store. 

It’s vital to get a holiday landing page design right. How to design the holiday landing page? It should be done through the following ways:

Make it festive

The landing page should match the holiday. Make it just the right amount of festive to nurture that inert sense of holiday joy in your audience.

Make it clear 

Use the perfect balance of whitespace and color to emphasize the appeal of the headings, images, and call-to-action buttons that you want your visitors to focus on.

Don’t use some visual elements and content

You don’t need to use header and footer, sidebars, sticky share buttons, related products, and any other visual elements or content that’re not relevant to the offer you’re promoting. 

Some landing page designers and marketers are against the idea of having a navigation menu on the landing pages. However, this is a subjective thing and F5 Studio’s web designers recommend using a simplified navigation menu. It allows some visitors to move on other pages of your online store to find products and to make conversions.

Simple and easy page navigation

Keep the order information easy to follow on mobile and desktop.  Do not complicate the page with unnecessary details. You may use captivating images in the layout. Add a ‘buy now’ option on top for the sanguine customers. 

Quick page loading

Long load times can easily make your customers switch from your brand to one of your competitors. So, make sure that the landing pages load fast (in 2 seconds or less) across devices. You can use free tools to check the page speed. 

High-quality images and photos 

When you showcase a physical item, it is essential to convince the customers with high-quality images. Try to display the product from various angles and help the customers in product use. If the product needs to be set up, you can project separate parts and provide instructions on how to assemble the machine. Always be careful not to over excite the customer with too many photos.

Include Videos

If you feel that only images and content feel inadequate to convince your customers about a product, consider incorporating a video. Modern tools have made it easier to create a one-minute engaging video to describe the product better and compel the customers to purchase.

Write compelling CTA

Your first CTA (Call-To-Action) might be fairly generic, focusing on price or creating a sense of urgency with a sale deadline. Secondary CTAs might focus on special product features or create more emotional connections with buyers. Add the “BUY NOW” button to generate quick sales. It means you should add checkout directly to your page.

Be informative 

Text content, product descriptions allow you to explain features and benefits of your product in a detailed way, but be careful to not over-explain. Keep the depiction concise and easily readable, and focus on the key points. 

Offers add-ons and cross-sells

Your customers might be interested in addition to, the one they’re currently looking at or accessories and complementary products. Many ecommerce platforms allow you to add cross-sells and add-ons by using specific extensions and plugins. You can ask ecommerce web developers to install plugins. Professional ecommerce website development services help merchants to save time and money.

Create a sense of urgency

A sense of urgency works well when you need to grab your customers’ attention. Let the consumers know they can buy the item for a specific period. You can include a countdown timer; add the offer expiration date and decreased item numbers to drive more purchases.

Track visitors on your landing pages

You need to add web tracking tools to your landing pages to track the actions and visitors behavior. Don’t leave web tracking things until the last minute. Test scripts and settings before you launch marketing campaigns. 

Use social proof

Incorporate testimonials, customer reviews, trust badges, ratings on your landing page to boost your credibility. Guaranteeing a safe and secure shopping experience assures consumers.

Offer multiple payment methods

Make purchases swift and convenient for consumers. Offer various payment options so customers can smoothly finish the checkout process.

To conclude

The landing page is an excellent option to enhance holiday sales if you use these pages in the right way. Remember to keep things simple and add more sparkle to your customers’ holiday spirit. If you need high-converting holiday landing pages that work like the magic sell assistants, contact F5 Studio web development and marketing agency.

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