How to get lots of backlinks for your website

By Roman Berezhnoi September 2, 2021 197 views

How to get lots of backlinks for your website

Backlinks can be an important factor in digital marketing. Backlinks improve business visibility. Backlinks build business credibility with people. Backlinks send business site traffic. Do you need to build backlinks? No, you needn’t spam people to ask for backlinks. You can create content that will gain backlinks. Hence, this article highlights the types of content that can prove helpful for gaining backlinks to achieve your marketing goals.

FAQ-oriented content about the industry

People are always asking questions about the things that interest them. Therefore, making content that provides simple answers to general questions can help in earning numerous links. This is because people who are creating articles use these facts and solutions in their content. Hence, the first and foremost thing to make such FAQ-based content is coming up with a series of questions that the creator can answer. Conducting keyword research can help with this.

Anyone can use F5 Studio’s way to do quality keyword research for business sites.

After gathering all these questions on keywords, the next step is to create answers for these queries. Therefore, FAQ-oriented content is great for getting tons of backlinks. However, the critical process is spending enough time on writing answers to create topics that intrigue the audience.

Problem solving interactive content

Engaging the audience is a must for earning many backlinks for any website, and interactive content is the way to do so. Moreover, helping the audience with solutions to problems will add extra credits. However, the main issue is that such content needs a reasonable amount of time and effort. There are several types of interactive content, such as calculators, polls, and quizzes. Several publications and businesses often use these. With this regard, Looka is a kind of website that has done exceptionally well in making interactive content. 

Looka is an online logo maker that has also added a business name generator feature on their website. People use it to create names for their products or brands. The main strength of this tool lies in its interactiveness and simplicity. Moreover, it also helps users to look for the availability of a domain. Hence, it can be termed as a simple but very productive tool for people requiring assistance in selecting a brand name. As a result, several websites and blogs readily link it to help their audience regarding brand name selection. 

Highlighting the results of original research

A very effective way of earning backlinks is publishing individual research works. This is a popular way since people often use these results in their content as supporting statements. The ideal way to conduct this method is to create online surveys, recognise the audience base needed for that research, and then ask participants about the survey to calculate results. Another way is to conduct experiments or analyse existing statistics for formulating solutions or resources that the audience will find helpful. One such business that publishes original research and earns numerous backlinks in the process is Orbit Media Studios.

The Orbit Media Studios is a web development and designing business that has successfully published a beautiful instance of original research content. Orbit Media Studios’ blog highlights their work of choosing ten web design standards and surveying 50 marketing portals to identify the common design standards. They have provided detailed information about these standards, recorded observations, and used pie charts to highlight the results. This is one great example of conducting original research that other relevant websites will like to link up. Moreover, it will also provide backlinks through marketing websites that will be using their research as references.

Therefore, any website or content creator can take a similar approach to gain a significant amount of backlinks. One main factor that can enhance the quality of such content is incorporating graphs or other illustrations that are relevant to the topic.

Using comparison round-ups and buying guides 

Consumers and audiences are often confused between similar products when it comes to buying. This is where buying guides can help them to get the item that is best suited to them. This kind of content compares similar products or services and highlights the pros and cons of each concerning the other. Moreover, product round-ups are a good source of gaining links. Whenever people are not willing to promote a particular service or item, they can always link to the audience about comparisons when asked for a solution. 

Hence, you can easily incorporate such ideas into your business website. However, it is essential to maintain a neutral and transparent perspective during the comparison of services or items.

The presentation of F5 Studio's web project that includes web design, UX design, web development, content creation and SEO
Sometimis it is enough to create a blog to present the business. Click the image to see the presentation

Expert advice and collection of quotes

Professional or expert advice is always helpful in any work. For example you can read F5 Studio web agency’s article How to choose a web agency: 7 simple steps.

This is also an excellent concept of creating backlink content. Hence, there is also a strict sense. The first step to creating expert round-up content is choosing a suitable topic. This is easily possible by taking ideas from social media forums containing the target audience. Some examples of such forums are Quora and Reddit. The only thing that needs to be done in these forums is searching for relevant keywords and then going through the conversations and ideas people are putting into it. After selecting a good idea, the next step is to choose the people who will contribute to the expert round-up content. It is always advisable to have people from the relevant field or with specific influence. Additionally, people with a history of contributing to round-ups can also be helpful in this scenario. 

After selecting the experts, the next step is to send personalised pitches to these people through email. However, these pitches should be short. It is also vital to provide follow-ups if immediate replies don’t come. Generally, this process gets over by the third follow up. To increase the probability of getting replies, following the target audiences on social platforms before sending an email can be helpful. This will provide a personal touch and help gather specific information for making the pitches more compact.

After the creation of expert round-up content, promotion on social media is essential. The contributors can also help by promoting the content through their accounts. It is also advisable to ask them for posting a tiny bit of the content with a link directing to the original website.

Therefore, these are some content types that can be very effective in getting backlinks to any website. The focus point should be not endorsing mediocre content and aiming for high quality and relevant subjects. This is why it makes sense to invest in content and to order the professional content marketing services, on page SEO services and off page SEO services

Hence, using the kind of content discussed in this article can be very helpful in enhancing the number of backlinks.

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