Professional web development or website builders? Why choose the first option

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Professional web development or website builders? Why choose the first option

When website builders came into the scene, they completely changed the game in website creation. Earlier on, the only way to own a website was to build one from the ground up. This meant that web developers had to be engaged; alternatively, one had to learn to code.

Today you can bring a website to live without hiring a single Web Development Agency. You do not have to code even a single line either. All this is possible because of the miracle that is website builders. These web hosting solutions come with pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop functionality that allows one to build a professional looking website in a day or two.

What Is A Website Builder?


To some extent, website builders are quite impressive. They totally substitute coding and design knowledge such that even someone who doesn’t possess any web building knowledge can still create a professional website. Therefore, website builders take CSS, HTML and all other coding languages and throw them out of the window. In their place, they bring in a set of templates, pre-set code, and predetermined functions.

Weebly, WIX, Squarespace, and WYSIWYG are some of the readily available website builders. Through them, anyone can follow a step-by-step wizard to build a website easily, cheaply and the site will still look pretty decent.


What Does A Web Designer Do and How Is to Different?


Professional web developers do not use website builders. They instead do the hard coding work that builds your site from scratch. The site is built offline and then uploaded when complete.

Here’s an analogy that delineate between website builders and professional designers. During a wedding, people want to capture every beautiful aspect of their momentous occasion. To achieve they can simply have one of their friends a DSLR camera and ask them to click their heart away. This would be tantamount to engaging a website builder. On the other hand, the wedding couple may decide to hire a professional photographer who would artistically and beautifully capture the wedding. This is similar to hiring a professional web designer to build your website. It’s obvious that the results here would be outstanding and unique.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Builders



For obvious reasons website, builders are appealing to many because:

  • They are easy. The step-by-step wizard and the drag-and-drop approach used by website builders do away with the daunting task of website construction.
  • They are user-friendly. You do not have to know or understand the code for you to get your website on a website builder. All you do is combine the very best of the prebuilt templates available to come up with a visually appealing website.
  • They are relatively cheap. The entire premise upon which website builders exist is that website creation should be easy and cheaper. Therefore, the rates are competitively priced across all website builders.


If you closely examine any one of the superior websites, you’ll realize that none of them relies on website builders. This is because they are obvious advantages of using a website builder.

Some of the downsides include:

  • The numerous limitations in coding. For instance, it is impossible to export code. One can’t even edit that CSS or HTML files in the builder. This makes it impossible to switch to other platforms.
  • The storage is also limited. One can’t exceed the allotted bandwidth and storage for their site. One has to pay for more storage as the site grows.
  • Some features are restricted depending on the package you get. As such, a website may be limited to personal use and only have a certain number of pages
  • The prebuild templates are also used by thousands of other users hence this makes your website lose its uniqueness.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional Website Designer



Hiring a professional designer has the following advantages:

  • You get a professionally designed website. Everything on the website will work perfectly. Such aspects as user interface and experience will also be on point. Intrinsically, the efficiency and effectiveness of your website will be guaranteed.
  • Your website will be unique. Remember everyone else will be using the same templates from website builders. Therefore, every other site will look the same. However, when you hire professional Web Development Services, your site is built from scratch using its own code. The design too will be original and inspired by your goals and business strategy.
  • You enjoy optimal SEO benefits. While most website builders have minimal tools for SEO, professional Web Design, and Development Services come packed with the finest keyword research and planning tools to fully optimize your site for search engines.
  • The site will be fully optimized for visitor conversion so as to generate leads and create more sales.
  • One of the prime benefits of hiring a web development agency is that you enjoy continued tech support. Therefore, when problems arise you know exactly who to call.


Professional designers do have their disadvantages too which include:

  • They are expensive, to begin with. The upfront cost for engaging a Web Development Agency may be high especially for a firm running on a tight budget.
  • Launching a hard-coded site may take some time hence professional web designers are not ideal for a short project with a fast turnaround time.




While there many benefits to using website builders, it is evident you stand to benefit more from hiring an expert web designer with the proper technical skills to give you an outstanding website.