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The evolution of modern technology has brought noticeable benefits to people and made their life easier. Today anybody can do things like building and designing web pages, without having any IT background. Building a website normally necessitates a study and an understanding of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and other complementary languages like CSS and JavaScript or any JavaScript Framework (like AngularJS) but Website Builders made everything easier for an average person to construct a website even without having the slightest idea of the programing language.

The rising question here is: Could Website builders substitute Professional Web development services?

To answer this question, we will first talk about the concept behind web builders, analyse its benefits and drawbacks and compare them to those of a Web developer.

What Is A Website Builder?

A Website Builder is a software or a set of tools, developed by IT professionals with the aim to help people who do not know how to code, design or build their own websites. It comes with a pre-set code, predetermined functions in-built templates which can be put together by just dragging and dropping, to get a final result. An example of some popular Web Builders are WIX, Weebly, Squarespace used to create up running sites.


They are easy as the provide a drag-and-drop approach to help assemble all part of your work. They are also user-friendly, that’s to say that you do not have to know or understand the code for you to get your website on a website builder. All you do is combine the very best of the In-built templates available to come up with a visually appealing website.

They are relatively cheap and some feature can be free of charge, however, any upgrade might require more money.

The drawing of laptop with pictographs that means creation a website with web builders. You can use ready blocks which you need to add to the template.


Website Builders have several limitations, one of which is the impossibility to edit or export codes.

Let’s say there is a particular theme that is not built-in, but you would like to add it to your site. To do that, you will have to edit the CSS or HTML code in the builder. Unfortunately, web builders do not provide an option to edit the inbuilt code. As a result, you are bound to using the platform’s themes. Furthermore, you won’t be able to transfer your data in the future, if you want to switch to a better platform.

They give a  limited storage capacity. WIX, for example, provides a very limited storage capacity and Once it is exceeded, payment must be made to upgrade it. Some features are restricted depending on the package you get and that’s why many tend to move their site from WIX to WordPress. For example, a website may be limited to personal use and only have a certain number of pages.

The built-in templates are also used by thousands of other users hence this makes your website lose its uniqueness.

Detailed information about pros and cons of website builders you can see in this article How much does it cost to create a custom landing page?


Professional web developers do not use website builders. They instead do the hard coding work that builds your site from scratch. The site is built off-line and then uploaded when complete.

Here’s an example that helps understand well the concept of website builders and professional web developers:

During weddings, married couples want to capture every beautiful aspect of their momentous occasion. To achieve this they have two options; either get their relative a digital camera and ask them to click their heart away or hire a Professional Photographer who would artistically and beautifully capture the wedding. In both cases, pictures will be taken, but a great difference will be noticed in the quality of those pictures later, as the work of a professional is not similar to that of an amateur.

Using Website Builders is just like the first option of the above example. Though Web Builders can help construct websites, their Websites cannot be compared to the ones built by Professional Web Developers. This is the fact that was well highlighted in the above example.

Of cource now alternative solutions available to you. The one of them is WordPress. Ifooking for a powerful, compact and high-performance  website for your business, you can choose WordPress development services. This paltform includes simple content management system, time-tested web solutionas and modern technologies which aloow you create web applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional Website Developers

If you closely examine any one of the advanced websites, you’ll realize that none of them relies on website builders. This is because they are obvious advantages of using the services of a Professional  Website Developer.

For example, progressive web developers can combine technologies to build a quality website for a business. Read more about benefits of using WordPress with React.js

Hiring a professional designer has the following advantages:

You get a professionally designed website. Everything on the website will work perfectly. Aspects such as the user interface and experience will also be on point and this will guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of your website.

You will own a unique website and as a result boost your credibility, while the people using website builders will share the same template.

NB: Just put yourself in the shoes of a customer who is about to purchase an item online, from a cheap website made by a website builder. Would you actually trust that site to enter your bank card number? I guess no, and nobody in their right mind would do that. The question is; if a business owner is not serious enough to take time and build their own site in a professional way, what proves that they will be able to deliver the purchased item? In simple terms, a professional website enhances your credibility. Something that website builder can’t give you.

The Professional Web Developers build your site from scratch using its own original code inspired from your business goals and strategy. They boost your online visibility, for you to enjoy optimal SEO benefits, while most website builders have minimal tools for  SEO or none at all. Professional Web Design and Development Services come packed with the finest keyword research and planning tools to fully optimize your site for search engines.

The site will be fully optimized for visitor conversion so as to generate leads and create more sales.

One of the prime benefits of hiring a web development agency is that you enjoy continued tech support. Therefore, when problems arise you know exactly who to call.

It is clear that web development professionals, offer plenty of benefits and high-quality work. However, providing quality work requires having many resources which can be a disadvantage for some people.

Some Disadvantages of Web Professionals.

As mentioned earlier in this article, web professionals study your business, the try to understand your needs in order to offer the best solution for your business success. While building your site, they write the code from scratch which means that they do not use any ready-made template. Considering the amount of time that the will spend to bring out the best solution for your business, It is reasonable that they ask for more money. Another point that can be regarded as a disadvantage is that they can take a couple of weeks or at times four weeks to launch a website since it is being developed from scratch.


In conclusion, both website builders and Professional Web Developers can get you an up and running website. Also there is no problem to choose between templates and custom built websites. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing either of them is the goals that you want to achieve. If you intend to build a personal or non-commercial site, then you will probably want to go for a website builder but in case you need a website to help you enhance your business outreach and consequently better your sales, then you will contact web project specialists to hire Professional Web Developers.

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