Startup Website Design: What must be Included

By Roman Berezhnoi September 21, 2021 103 views

Startup Website Design: What must be Included

Nowadays each startup is turning towards an online platform to enjoy rapid growth and prosperity in the professional sector. 

Also any startup website holds a deep significance in maintaining brand value. A website manifests the brands’ digital presence. There are differences between the websites created for stable companies and new startups. Websites primarily boost the sales process and revenue when we talk about the established brands whereas, the function of the websites begins from scratch when it comes to startups. The new entrepreneurs need to put double efforts into creating a brilliant brand impression. 

When the potential consumers are not aware of what your startup offers, the website has the most to do. The blog aims to provide a detailed guide of what you must include in your startup website design. The blog will discuss the most necessary elements to be added to a startup company website for a brilliant outcome. These features will help you to attract more and more clients. A well-built startup website boosts the conversion rate fast. 

If you intend to incorporate some outstanding features into the website, you must read the entire blog with enough care and attention. We will explain the functions and vitality of the startup website because we have been providing startup website design services since 2013. Let’s have a look.

Clear value proposition

When you intend to begin your startup journey, you must be very clear about your brand value proposition to the audience. No one is yet aware of your company and its services and products. It is your initial duty to offer the audience a brief yet clear idea about your brand in the first few seconds, they stop by your homepage. 

If your company website can captivate the customers’ attention within these few seconds and the users like your selling proposition only then, they will proceed for further research about your brand.

You can use a one-liner on your homepage to inform the users about what your company offers and why the customers should choose your company over others. The search option on the homepage serves a vital role in guiding the viewers to find products based on personal demand. 

A laptop screen with home page of an ecommerce site that sells used tech
F5 Studio’s web project. We use a one-liner on a homepage. See the presentation in our portfolio

Explicit Calls to Action

In the initial stage of a startup business, you may face challenges in gathering sales. You need to enhance your brand awareness and establish your brand reputation on a quick note. A clear call to action procedure will convince your potential audience to know more about your website and the products you have to offer. You must ensure that your startup website design will lead to more traffic and conversion. 

Your website design must be an explicit one in terms of interest, awareness, desire, and action to present the next step to the visitors. Your website design must feature clear calls to action to emphasize your products and services. Your website must disclose the calls to action to reach your business goals, from receiving email addresses to signing up for trials or purchasing products, 

Strong Headings & Subheadings

Any startup website must attract the users’ attention as quickly as possible. You need to include an impactful headline to captivate the viewers’ attention. Catchy and relevant headings and subheadings compel the users to explore your website further. You, as an entrepreneur, must use heavy and bold fonts for headlines on your website.  

You need to describe all your services and products on the homepage in a few words to retain the viewers’ interest for a longer time. 

Use of Quality Images

Sometimes entrepreneurs think of cutting their budget by using stock images for their business website. Budget is a crucial factor for them, indeed. 

According to the experts, using stock photos might save money initially, but it impacts a brand website in the long run. Stock photos make a website look very dull and mundane. You might try some customized graphics on your website to add sparks to the content and make it more emotionally impactful to the audience. 

User Interface

The user interface design is the important part of a modern website. The user interface of a startup website must be simple. It is not only advantageous for entrepreneurs but also for experienced business professionals. New businesspeople must be more transparent about their services and products, and a straightforward user interface will prevent the diversion of the audiences. The search option, call-to-action button, and a few menu options can make the process effortless for the customers to find the products of their budget and choice. A well-built user interface is unbeatable to develop a successful startup website design, as it can generate more conversions quickly. 

Quick Registration Form

In a startup website design, registration forms play a prime and constructive role. The registration forms bring the entrepreneurs a step closer to the conversion. It is challenging enough for the startup business people to draw more registrations in different ways. The process becomes a more difficult one if the on-board process is a monotonous one. 

The registration form must be a straightforward one with the demand of the necessary details only. The easier the registration process will be, the more it will be profitable for the company.

Social Proof

Credibility and reliability are the other two major factors the audiences look for in a new company. Entrepreneurs have to undergo several challenges to overcome this hurdle. If you have achieved any award or customer testimonial, you can use those documents in your favor. You can display the proof on your homepage and build a strong brand reputation. 

Several new online business platforms have come up with short videos featuring their customers who are satisfied with their products and services. Social Proof has become an integral part of a startup website design.

Transparent Benefits

Display of the social proof and documents is a highly recommended suggestion for the startup website design. The audience will also wish to know the benefits. To meet the visitors’ interest, you must lay out the benefits, relatable to them. The entrepreneurs need to explain the advantages with proper demos and explanations. A piece of detailed knowledge regarding the benefits of your products will help in customer retention.

Fast Demo

A quick demo is an effective tool to inform your potential customers about your company and the products and services you deliver, except food product brands or apparel companies. Startup companies that intend to offer the users some out-of-box items must add a quick demo video on their website explaining the product. You may include a short reel video or a series of screenshots. The video must be concise or, the viewers will lose interest in lengthy videos and may switch to another company website. The demo must be understandable to all groups of users. The Startup brands must be careful about the colors and designs used in the demo videos. 

Funny and Colourful Animated Features

The startup website design may include fun animations and videos to prevent the audience dying of monotony or boredom. You can use vibrant color schemes, playful images, and funny illustrations to make your website attractive and captivating. These simple yet effective tricks compel the viewers to stay on a webpage for longer than average. This viewer activity will boost the “Time-on-Page” scale. You must develop your website to look appealing to retain potential customers. 

But it is a risky way that works for some business niches. 

F5 Studio’s project. See the peresentation in our portfolio

Interactive Features

A regular client base is one of the salient assets of the established and successful companies. A regular clientele implies that these companies do not have to put extra effort while the users visit their company website. The customers visit these brand websites to search for a particular product or service as they are fully aware of the company and its services. In this context, the case of the new entrepreneurs is entirely different. Startup companies have to entertain their potential customers through various means to retain their clientele. 

A transparent interactive approach helps the new startups to maintain clear communication with their customers. This is why incorporating interactive features on their startup website design is an incredible idea to hold a stable client base. The companies offer the customers minute details and a deep insight into their commercial activities and create a brilliant customer experience. Users find the website visit experiences to be fun. 

User-friendly Navigation

Another main element of any startup website design is a user-friendly navigation system. A well-organized navigation map helps the customers to reach the options they search. In case a website is complex and confuses the users on their way to find products and services. Such websites may turn the potential customers off and make them leave the site. 

The activities have an adverse effect on the website bounce rate. It affects the digital marketing and search engine optimization services of the website. You need to develop a simple and guiding navigation route to maintain customer retention. A user-friendly website offers an excellent user experience. Easy-to-design websites are the best for entrepreneurs. 

Also you should know that hidden website menus hurt revenue.

Reasons why Customized Graphic is so Effective for Your Startup Website

Entrepreneurs face many challenges while creating a website for their companies. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to draw the attention of the targeted audience with your value proposition. After this, your focus must be on offering a better user experience compared to contemporary websites. And, most importantly, you must invest in graphic designs services based on your budget. Custom graphics play a functional role in capturing the customers’ attention. 

The Final Takeaway

The blog has focused on the features you should incorporate in your startup website if you are on an entrepreneurial journey. The features mentioned and discussed above are the most vital ones to make the website a customer-friendly one. But it doesn’t mean that you have to implement all these features on your startup. In fact you need to develop avenues of communication to your target audience, shape the message for your target audience, and distribute the message to your target audience. So, you should start from identifying your target audience’s needs and pains. Then, you should create the UX design of your site. So, you need to choose features which you will use on your website. But it would be better to hire a professional website development agency. F5 Studio specializes in web design and web development services for startups. Also you can use our fixed price website design service. Using this service you will get a SEO-friendly business site with a custom design for $1,000. Of course you can choose any WordPress website development agency and you may read about some tips on how to find the right WordPress development agency for the growth in your business.

Anyway, the help of professionals can save your time and money. 

Hopefully, the blog will help you to get a website that helps you to achieve your business goals. 

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