WordPress sites maintenance: Perform these tasks regularly

By Roman Berezhnoi April 5, 2022 392 views

WordPress sites maintenance: Perform these tasks regularly

If you have a blog or a business website built with WordPress, it is necessary to perform maintenance to gain optimal performance from the site. There are some site maintenance tasks we recommend you do frequently to keep your blog or site healthy.

Create backups of your WordPress site

It is vital to create a backup of your website. There are many risks like sinister individuals, hack attempts, unexpected errors, malfunctions, internet problems, and basically, anything that could harm a WordPress website.

You should choose one of the backup plugins that really helpful to automate the WordPress backup procedure of your site. After creating the backup, you have to make sure that all your files are safely stored at your chosen remote location. 

Also, it is important to check your backup plugin from time to time. 

There are various WordPress backup plugins that you can find or you can use the F5 Studio’s list of WordPress backup plugins.

Optimize your WordPress database

Most of the data is stored in the WordPress database that contains all the content, settings, comments, users, etc. Over time, a lot of unnecessary data may be stored in your database and can adversely affect your uploading and downloading speed, and will also put difficulty in restoring backups.

This is why you should optimize your database and clean all the clutter every now and then to improve the performance.

If you want to optimize the database but do not know how to do it, this guide will help you to optimize the database

Test your WordPress site performance

Many WordPress users optimize their site at the initial stage when they start it, and then they completely forget about optimizing the performance of their site.

You add new text content and images to your site, install plugins, and add custom CSS or JS code. All these changes may affect the working of your WordPress site. This is why it is important to keep a check and run performance tests to ensure that your site is working properly. 

Optimized websites not only give a seamless experience to the user but also can improve SEO rankings. 

To optimize the performance of your WordPress site you can follow the tips in these articles How to speed up a website and Additional ways to speed up the WordPress website

Update WordPress files and plugins

The updated version of WordPress and plugins keep your site’s security and performance.

WordPress has a built-in system that manages all the updates for its core, themes, and plugins. You just have to make sure that you regularly update WordPress and plugins. 

You can also manually check for updates by going to the WordPress updates page and seeing if there is any update left to be checked.

You can find the safest way of updating WordPress in this article.

Change the WordPress Passwords

Passwords work as a part of a defense mechanism against unauthorized access to your site. It includes passwords for your WordPress admin panel, hosting account, database, and FTP accounts as well. You should always create strong passwords to secure your online accounts and sites. But using strong passwords is not enough. 

Many security experts highly recommend changing your WordPress passwords every now and then to ensure the safety of the website. 

Also, you should find additional tips for keeping your WordPress website secure.

Check your WordPress site security

Changing passwords, creating backups, staying updated help to keep the security of your WordPress site. But you should find the flaws in your website and fix them before someone misuses it.

First, check the security issues report in Google Search Console regularly.

Second, use online scanners or plugins to scan for known and unknown malware and suspicious activity.

You can find more details in this guide for beginners.

Test your WordPress forms

WordPress allows you to use forms on your website. Unfortunately, sometimes, these forms may suddenly stop working properly or send emails. It can affect the conversion rate of your site. You can lose some leads without even knowing it.

From time to time you should run a test on all your forms whether they are working properly or not and if in case of an error.

For many websites, we recommend using the Contact Form 7 plugin to create forms. But if you need advanced types of forms, you should use the WPForms or Gravity Forms plugins.

Fix 404 Errors

In WordPress, if a page does not exist on the website, it shows a 404-error page to the user. If a 404 error occurs due to the unavailability of a page, this is something to worry about as it gives a poor experience to the user. Keep a track of the 404 error pages and try to fix them instantly.

Also, it is a good idea to optimize your 404 pages.

Manage incoming comments

If you create a blog, you should moderate comments. Comments are a part of website content and this is why spam comments can affect your SEO performance negatively. 

Using Akismet helps to delete all the spam comments that may appear on the website because Akismet automatically deletes spam. But, it may sometimes delete a legitimate comment as spam. That is why it is important to keep a check on the spam comments manually and make sure to delete them as soon as possible.

Perform сontent and SEO Audit

Review your content from time to time. Use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool to know your content performance. Also, use web-tracking tools to know more about users’ behavior. If you need, you can improve your site content to drive relevant traffic to your site.

SEO audit is a complex task for a busy business owner, but the article can help you to understand the basic principles of SEO audit.

Also, you can hire an SEO to perform content and SEO audits.


There are many errors and problems which may appear in the functioning of your WordPress website.

Website maintenance is essential for its smooth functioning, and also to give an amazing user experience to your audiences. Intermittently check your site and fix all errors that may arrive.

If you have any doubt, you should contact a WordPress web agency to hire experts who are able to fix security issues, update WordPress files and plugins, optimize performance and perform other maintenance tasks.

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