How to design a beautiful website like a professional web designer

By Roman Berezhnoi November 16, 2021 383 views

How to design a beautiful website like a professional web designer

For any online business, a properly designed website is the main factor contributing to their success. It serves as the focal point of attracting new clients, showing them your brand’s worth, your offers, your services, and your works. A website also adds to the credibility of a new venture and makes people believe in it. However, businesses lag because they can’t execute the right web design ideas most of the time. 

Interestingly, with proper knowledge and understanding of the market, you can overcome this and create a unique website by yourself or by hiring a web design and web development company. The key is to follow certain guidelines around which you have to design your website and make it visually attractive with enough proper images and seamless UI to grab the viewer’s attention. A detailed step-by-step guide for making websites is given below to take your business from zero to the top.

Visualising your needs and your priorities before getting in

Every successful venture starts with a dream, which is also relevant in the case of creating a website. For most people, ideal web design and development is about a trendy domain name, aesthetics, content management mechanisms, and a proper web host. However, the main work starts by pointing out the priorities and goals before getting in the work. You should always focus at the beginning on the factors that can affect your business the most.

There are certain basic ways to initiate this process. You can start by looking at other websites relevant to your field to get inspiration regarding the design and setup. A careful study of their content, page browsing, their way of marketing and communicating with the audience, the offers that make their sites popular and attract new visitors are some of the basic factors that can provide the required information to create a new website. After studying their works carefully, think about new ways to surpass them on the designing part and the places where you want modifications. But, you should remember that just because your competitor is doing it doesn’t mean it’s working for them

Also you can be inspired by your customers’ needs and pains. Many great business ideas were born in this way. So, you can generate many ideas, if you observe your customers.  Hiring a good web design company will also work, because web specialists are able to conduct marketing research and UX research. Is it expensive? In many cases web professionals will save time and money.

Pointing down the important features of the website will allow you to make a sitemap. This sitemap, similar to its name, helps point out the kind of pages that the website will have and how to link all the pages with each other. 

Also, you should remember about search engine optimization. Many web designers and website owners make this mistake. They have created the websites then they hire SEOs to optimize these sites. SEO begins when you start to create the sitemap of your site. Is SEO worth it for your business? In many cases SEO is worth it.

There are some web pages that every site must include. Some of these are listed below.


The homepage is usually the first page that visitors will see whenever they enter the portal. It is also the website’s main page that can guide a person to all the other related pages. The home page must contain all the essential information and the offers you are offering for user convenience. The design should be such that the visitors find navigating through it easy.


Most websites use the ‘Services’ page to demonstrate the services they offer in a concise form. This page often contains visual content of the items you offer and relevant links to pages with full details. The ‘Services’ page will help new visitors to learn more about the area you specialize in.

About us

Many web designers and business owners underestimate the About page importance for converting visitors into customers. But the About us page is very important in website designing because it contains all the basic information about your company. There are all the minute details included, such as the establishment of the business, its location, focus, the profiles, the top clients, etc. You can also add your contact details, as well as links to your social media pages.


Every business needs new team members, and the ‘Careers’ page will help you hire interested people. Hence, every website must have a page showing the available vacancies and an application form to hire new members.

Blog (optional)

In some cases, a blog page can be of immense importance for regular viewers. This will include new products, services, updates on the existing ones, articles related to your job profiles, and status on new projects. Also, the blog page thus becomes a hub to educate visitors about your business.

See the presentation F5 Studio’s web design project

Creating an outline for the ideal website

After determining what your website will look like, the next step is to create a wireframe for the website. It will act as a blueprint for your website that will provide a two-dimensional aspect of the website’s structure, features, and layout.

You can always create wireframes by simply using pen and paper or website designing tools (F5 Studio’s web designers prefer to use Figma). Moreover, you can also hire freelancers or a web design firm that can help you to enhance your ideas and create a more visually appealing site design with professional UI/UX design services. There are three kinds of wireframes, and you can switch from one to another as soon as you start developing your portal and achieving more details or ‘fidelity.’

Low-fidelity wireframes

This type of wireframe usually includes sketches with simple texts and shapes needed for the initial mapping of the navigation flow. Access the base idea that you can work on to create hierarchies and add more features.

Mid-fidelity wireframes

This is the stage where you have to design black and white renderings to represent the portal’s layout. You can always use tools that come with free trials, like Balsamiq, Figma or Sketch, to go through the mid-fidelity wireframes. Although no specific design is included in this stage, you still need a clean drawing with proper placement and sizing.

High-fidelity wireframes

This is the last stage of creating wireframes, where web designs are the basic initial version of the website, complete with color aesthetics, text, and images. You can also include designs such as menus and interactive features to make the portal more appealing.

Understanding the needs and convenience of the audience

Your website will be where your main priority is to attract new audiences and clients through your web design. Therefore the website should cater to the audience’s convenience and should be designed similarly. Often, new customers get lost in a portal with a very complex mechanism, and they can’t find a way out. This decreases the credibility of the website resulting in a lower view count. Hence, to guarantee good UX, you can either hire a web design company that provides web design services or consider certain factors.

A proper hierarchy

The importance of a good hierarchy lies in the fact that new visitors understand the informational architecture of the website and can go to their desired pages by using it. Colors, whitespace, spacing, repetition, etc., are all parts of this visual hierarchy of pages. 

Simple design

A visitor-friendly website has a simple and minimalistic design. Overcrowding the website with new but irrelevant features will gradually complicate the portal and prevent easy navigation.

Responsive design

It has become important for every website to be accessible from every type of smart device. Hence proper optimization to make a website open on different platforms like PC, tablets, and mobile phones is essential. Hence it would be best to make sure that the text and images are compressed when moving from a bigger screen to a smaller one and the homepage remains navigable. If you need, you can read more about responsive design.

Prominent Call To Action(CTA) buttons

CTA buttons are integrated mainly for user convenience. Buttons like ‘buy now, ‘subscribe,’ ‘order’, or ‘contact us’ make your design simple and provide better accessibility and navigation to your portal. You should read about how to create best call-to-action buttons

Integrating photos for a visual masterpiece and narrating a story

The visual aesthetics of a website is the main factor for attracting new audiences. It will help add a grandeur to your website and act as a communication bridge between you, your service, and your audience. You can use your photos on your site or integrate stock images from various websites like Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay. These sites are the ideal source of stock images and have a large selection of free photos that cater to your needs.

The professional tip in this regard is to use a series of stock images from the same set of websites of photographers to maintain consistency in your style and aesthetics. It will help you to make your website look more professional, trustworthy and add credibility. However, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind while selecting images.

Using images with a story

Selecting only beautiful pictures won’t work. The key is to use suitable images that complement your content and add something to your brand.

Select stock but original photos

Using famous or trendy photos will allow visitors to recognize your images as stock immediately. Therefore navigate through innumerable images to select the unique ones for your web design.

Maintain consistency in the style

It is essential to integrate a series of photos that will stay true to your services and brand. Hence, create a consistent pattern regarding the colors and fonts.

Using cropped images

Cropped photos are a great way to make a stock photo not look like a stock photo. It’ll provide uniqueness to your website despite using stock images.

People in the photos should replicate the target audience

Using images of people that look like the target audience will make the visitors acknowledge your website, your brands, and products as they will find something credible to identify with.

Aiming for gradual enhancement as your website gains momentum

The aim for many businesses is to grow consistently. Hence, you must keep checking your performance from the beginning using the website reports or hiring a web design company to help you. It will help you to identify the factors that went for you and those that went against you. Rectifying these will guarantee a better user experience as well as results. 

A great way to do this is to integrate Google analytics with your portal that will help you track your activity, the pages with the most views, and where people are clicking the most. Another way is to conduct usability testing, A/B testing to understand the web design elements working in favor of you and the CTAs that viewers are using the most. 

Also you can try useful heat mapping tools for your website such as Hotjar, Yandex.Metric or Microsoft Clarity. These tools will provide graphic and color-coded representations of the areas in your website where people visit the most. It will thus help you identify the areas you need to develop more and serve as the base for future design enhancements and iterations. These tools are ideal for both long-running and new websites as it tracks real-time traffic. Moreover, heat maps make it easy to understand the statistics and intricacies of the viewer count on your website.

Therefore these are the steps to make a perfect website for your business. You can gain better results only by putting enough time and effort into your web design. Hence, to make the perfect first impression, invest in your website or a web design company and see your business grow rapidly. Also, even if you want to build a website for a startup you should think about search engine optimization for your startup site

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