What results can you expect from your website?

By Roman Berezhnoi September 30, 2021 161 views

What results can you expect from your website?

Most companies and brands have chosen digital platforms to promote their business online and attain rapid commercial growth. Website design is the first step towards online ventures for a company. A website connects a brand and its potential customers/users through various actions. You need an experienced website developer to build and design your company website.

The article intends to focus on the results business owners can expect from business websites. Let me have a detailed insight into professional website design and its benefits for your business. 

Is the website worth the expense?

You should know the answer if you have to convince your company manager to invest in a web site design, development and promotion

What are the perks of a website? What do you need for a proper website design?

In the old marketing strategies like printed ads, the question has often come up that promotion is an integral factor but, how to assess the results? The traditional promotion process has been big-budget but failed somewhere to measure the outcome.

Fortunately, a well-organized website design makes it possible to measure the efforts and calculate the Return on Investment (ROI). The main objective of inbound marketing is to track the customers’ entire journey from the first click on the site till the point they become customers. Digital marketing mode resembles the structure of a funnel. Here different online activities lead down, flourish, and finally end up in the purchase process. 

The Subsequent Stages of Website Design Process

  • Visitor: a user visits the website.
  • Lead: the user enters the contact info and downloads content from the website.
  • MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead): MQL is a lead that meets the customer’s interest and shows more interest in the product. The website lead interacts with the content like sending emails or downloading more information. 
  • SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): when an MQL reaches the extent in the purchase process in the interaction with the content, the sales department initiates to reach out to the lead.
  • Opportunity: Sales Qualified Lead, who has been engaged in a sales dialogue with the sales department and sends an offer.
  • Customer: the monetary transaction happens.

Fluctuation of conversion rates

The conversion rate reflects in every stage of the website design. Conversion rates are dependent on the web design, web content, or the industry sector the company belongs to. Therefore, it implies that the conversion rate might fluctuate based on the business categories. 

If you do not have prior experience in the digital marketing sector, you need to initially rely on the basic benchmarks, though it may lead to uncertainties sometimes. In your marketing research, you will find different conversion rates in the subsequent steps of the marketing strategies. For example, the conversion rate for “lead to a customer” can range between 1% and 10%. 

You need to compare the benchmarks investigated by several sources to acquire balanced data. For example, one marketing company sticks to the conversion rate of 5% from the visitor step to lead, which is unrealistic to an extent. In this context, you can go with the conversion rate of 2% set by another renowned source. The website design must consist of all the steps inbuilt within the structure to experience a proper conversion. 

A marketing company has gone for the conversion rate of 10% from SQL and MQL to customers. Here, we have to put the conversion rate to a higher value presuming that one’s lead is of higher quality. As a whole, it offers a realistic picture of the conversion process. We can combine MQL and SQL to simplify the process. Two steps turn into one single phase. As per research, the conversion rate is 50% to be a Qualified Lead and 10% the closing rate. 

It is the best foundation point for a business case. The scenario offers us an overview of what to expect from the digital marketing efforts and strategies. 

It is F5 Studio web agency's project for ARCO construction company from New Zealand is indroduction in the full presentation of this project
F5 Studio redesigned the Arco’s website is by approaching it with customers in mind.

What is a good conversion result?

When your website begins its journey with 1000 visitors and only one visitor becomes a customer at the end, can you call it a lucrative conversion rate?

Here, the calculation is an effort to reveal the value of digital marketing strategies. The process will eventually have a beneficial impact on different areas. If your website contains unique and appealing content, it will lessen the sellers’ efforts and time. Pure and genuine content informs the lead about the challenges and meets the requirements. The inclusion of social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and Email campaigns improve the outcome.

A proper website design and digital marketing services push your company to rank high among its contemporaries, leading to simple sales efforts.

Value of a new customer

The worth of a new customer is evident. One main advantage of a business website is the low cost of gaining a new customer. If you hire web professionals, they will conduct UX research to design an attractive website. In fact, this strategy-driven approach to a website design is a cost-effective way to gain clients.

Also you should remember about customers’ lifetime value. Each new customer can generate annual outcomes now and in the future. How much does a business website cost? The cost of a business website depends on many factors. The common price of a business website is about $2,000 – 3,000. It is easy to calculate ROI if you have a common conversion rate for your niche and annual outcome that is generated by one client. 

Inbound marketing: a booster of traffic and value

One of the mottos of inbound marketing is to use the components that boost traffic.  According to data released by HubSpot, making traffic two times in one year is one of the most crucial online marketing objectives. The calculation and outcome make the result more startling when the traffic gets doubled. There must be an improvement in the individual conversion simultaneously. You can improve the web content quality or change Call-To-Actions on your site.

There are some nuances of inbound marketing for B2B companies. The system involves a complicated purchase and bigger sales. The B2B companies focus on fewer yet more extensive sales as the individual customers are so important to them. It is worthwhile for these companies to invest a specific percentage of their revenue and attract more customers. B2B companies prove the significance of investment to gain more profit in the true sense. 

What do F5 Studio’s web experts do?

If you need a professional business website, you must hire web experts. 

F5 Studio’s web experts specialize in web design, corporate website development and promotion. They can guide you to meet your requirements in a cost-effective way online. Our professionals deal with digital marketing strategies, website design, SEO and social media campaigns. We take care of every little technical detail to enhance your revenue. You may have a look at our web development agency works.

To get further information contact the F5 Studio team

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