What Does A Web Design Company Do?

By Roman Berezhnoi December 8, 2020 169 views

What Does A Web Design Company Do?

An image is worth a thousand words. A professional web design company considers that a website must have an easy to use and elegant design that perfectly transmits values of business. You can find best examples of web design on DesignRush. DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that analyzes and ranks hundreds of agencies to help brands find top web design companies, digital marketing firms and technology companies.

A professional website development agency offers its clients quality, professionalism, and trust. Web design is an essential part of a site success, and it is worth spending time and effort on it. Website pages must show seriousness and be professionally designed.  

So, to achieve this, there are some essential aspects that a Web design company must offer its clients. We can divide into broad groups the crucial elements that a web design company must offer to do a good job and achieve customer satisfaction.

It maintains the relationship and seriousness

To achieve seriousness and good service, you must look beyond the benefits that the client hires. For a website development agency to offer a good service, it must provide additional services to those demanded by the client, such as the UX research, marketing services, brand identity design, SEO services. 

The only way to show seriousness and professionalism to gain a client’s trust is to meet deadlines. Before committing to carry out a project, the agency must carefully study all aspects, make a budget, and indicate a delivery date. Finally, to offer the best guarantees, an adequate data protection policy must be carried out. 

The objectives must be set together with the client. All efforts must be focused so that the page’s development and design lead to these objectives’ achievement. The usability of a website is essential for it to offer a good user experience. Browsing the Web must be intuitive and straightforward. Any website that is developed today must be responsive and adapt to mobile devices. The user experience and the ease of finding what you are looking for should be smooth.

At F5 Studio you will get a free personal manager who will help to build a web project strategy, optimize the budget and deadline, organize the development process from start to launch a website. In other words our clients cooperate with a person, who is personally responsible for a project success.

Wedding in Denmark project developed by F5 Studio
Heiraten in Danmark (Wedding Wedding in Denmark). Click to see the full presentation

It understands the market and requirements

The creation of websites for companies is no longer an option but a necessity. We are at a time when people connect easily with the Internet, either to interact with other people or to search for products and services they want and to know brands and companies. The corporate website is a differential that offers the client more information and a way for the company to be found and contacted. The most exciting thing about creating websites is that any company can have one, from a self-employed professional or micro-company to a multinational.

That is why professional website design is more than a beautiful picture. The modern website design service means creating a clear message for target audience, functionality and a great user experience with right UI design.

At F5 Studio we created our own approach based on many years of website design and development. We start our projects from the research process. This way is a combination of traditional marketing methods with a Value Proposition Canvas approach. It allows us to create the unique specific UI/UX design for corporate and ecommerce sites.

It increases the visibility of your company 

One of the main ways for companies to be found and for web users to be directed to websites is through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thus, the site’s reach has no limits since people from all over the world will be able to see it as the result of a search and access it. Currently, some platforms promise ease for anyone to create a website. Don’t fall for this: your company’s website needs to have a series of technical characteristics besides esthetics. It must offer good navigation and convert it into business for you. Also, a digital agency will offer you SEO services.

F5 Studio’s SEO services focus on business goals of corporate and ecommerce sites.

It shows a more excellent perception of professionalism 

A corporate website goes a long way towards giving your audience a sense of reliability and authority. When you find a beautiful and informative website, you will certainly be more easily convinced to hire the services or to buy products. On the other hand, if you find nothing in your search, distrust and a sense of amateurism may hinder conversion. 

A professional web design company that specialises in corporate website development goes through a buyer decision process. It helps to understand how people determine reliability and authority in an industry.

It is F5 Studio web agency's project for ARCO construction company from New Zealand is indroduction in the full presentation of this project
ARCO Group is a commercial construction firm.

It enhances business opportunities

Besides the advantages that we have already mentioned and favorable for your business’s growth, we can still consider your company’s website as a catalog of your products and services. Thus, a user who accessed the site to find out information or got in touch because he is interested in something specific may be interested in more business possibilities. And a professional web design company knows this better. It is why it maintains some basic principles –

  • Understanding the client’s needs and aims to provide a cost-effective budget to build the website,
  • The contract between the client and the company is well-executed,
  • Make sure the database is safe and work properly,
  • Hosting the site and debugging any problems,
  • Website optimization for a better result, and search-ability,
  • Re-designs sites for old and new clients.

It offers a website with good conversion rate 

Have you ever entered a website and could not find the information because the navigation is confusing? Yes, and when that happens, users tend to leave the site in a few seconds. Usability is composed of a series of resources that offer the user’s best possible experience when browsing your website. After defining the market strategy and your persona, the web design company creates graphics, color schemes, fonts, layouts, web page templates, buttons, call-to-action, etc. to get maximum conversion. In some cases you need a custom web development to convert your specific web design into functional reality.

At F5 Studio you can get professional conversion rate optimization services.

F5Studio UI/UX designers created unique design for a Moodja company
F5 Studio web development agency created the new website to achieve business goals of Moodja.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a set of techniques that aim to improve your website’s quality so that search engines qualify you in a better position on a user’s search results page. Web design companies take into account the main SEO guidelines. For example, F5 Studio’s UI/UX designers know that pop-ups affect your website SEO in the mobile search. If a website is created from scratch with specific characteristics that Google gives importance to, it will be easier for the website to achieve the right search results.


A professional web design company uses the latest programming technologies to design a compatible Web with all browsers and devices (responsive). That has a language that allows modifications in the future. 

Modern web technologies stack allows to create interactive sites that sometimes are important for business.  On the other hand it is possible to use common web technologies and platforms like WordPress to create a great site for your business. Experienced project manager and team of developers select the optimal solution.

Quality of code is vital also. For your customer and your organization, it is very important that the site is bug-free. That is why F5 Studio’s web development services include website testing. 

Anyway, if you contact true professionals you will get more than just a good site.

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