WordPress errors

By Roman Berezhnoi April 28, 2020 313 views

WordPress errors

WordPress is a great platform to develop professional websites for a business, entertainment projects and ecommerce. But sometimes things may going wrong.

Though WordPress promises smooth functioning, you can never be sure enough with instances when your site is likely to throw an error. However, WordPress is an easy to use site some unexpected errors can land you into a panic situation. The pop-up of an error can get really devastating if you fail to identify the source of the problem or you have got no idea to fix it.

You must feed an important fact in your mind to have a complete WordPress back-up before you tend to resolve its error. Now, let us dive into the list of most common WordPress errors and discuss its diagnosis.

The White Screen of Death:

It is very famous or say, it is the most experienced WordPress error. It arises due to a plugin compatibility issue and can lock you out of your WordPress dashboard. It looks like a blank white page on the user’s screen. It can be resolved by finding the plugin and removing it to avoid the conflict that it throws to its users.

Syntax errors or issues like incorrect file permission can be other possible causes for the white screen of death.

Error 404:

This error has been encountered by almost every Internet user. It signals the server failure of finding a requested page. Broken links, changed URLs can give rise to 404 errors. The .htaccess file handles the hyperlink structure of your site and if it incorrectly redirects your URL, it is the most likely cause for this error. You may follow the steps to create a new file and name it as .htaccess in order to resolve the error.

Connection Time out Error:

This error shows up after a site has performed several trials to load for some time. It implies that the site has given up after several attempts of struggling to load.

It can happen if your site doesn’t have enough resources to contribute to its proper functioning. It can be noticed in case of shared hosting, when other sites may hog on your server’s resources exceeding the maximum permitted bandwidth.

To resolve this error, you can choose

  1. To optimize the speed of your WordPress site.
  2. To upgrade your hosting plan to avoid site downtime or slowdown.
  3. To grow the memory limit of your PHP.

Auto-update Failure:

It is considered very important to keep your WordPress site up-to-date. The auto-update failure is quite irregular but there is no denying in the fact that it can take place. It is caused due to unreliable Internet connection, incorrect file permissions or some glitch in the server’s connection.

You can fix this by updating the WordPress site manually or by installing its latest software version using SFTP.

A laptop on desk, seems like somebody works with code of WordPress website

WordPress Import and Performance Issues:

It is quite common among the developers to import content to your WordPress site. The consequence of such import is HTTP timeout that can be fairly avoided by:

  1. Switching to a faster internet connection.
  2. Increasing the limit of PHP timeout.
  3. Using WP-CLI to import files.

Discussing about the site’s performance takes the cursor automatically to its speed. The pages that load faster make their way for SEO. Thus, routine monitoring of the site is a necessity in order to optimize its speed.

WordPress unable to send E-mails:

Most of the WordPress sites use the strategy of e-mail marketing to increase traffic levels on their site. Sometimes due to the server’s configuration, emails are not able to reach the subscribers. It may happen when the host has limited resources for the site’s use.

Consequently, you can contact the developer and upgrade your plan with his support.

Stuck in maintenance:

After your WordPress site is updated, it enters into the maintenance mode temporarily. Also, if you terminate the working of your browser during an update, your site might get stuck in a maintenance mode. You can resolve this trouble by reloading the page or simply by accessing the files of your site using FTP.

There are some of the general and common troubles that you may encounter on your WordPress site.
Although, the actual strength of WordPress counts the use of numerous plugins and themes but it also tends to create the above-discussed issues and even more. That is why you may need professional WordPress development agency. Because these services are useful on a great scale as it is not only limited to maintenance and support or theme customizations but it also makes your WordPress site more reliable among its users. As result, the quality website will boost up your brand reputation.

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